Kelly is a writer and reporter in Northern California. She is also a professional triathlete. You can learn more about her triathlon-ing at her blog & triathlon site. Or subscribe to her weekly triathlon-ish newsletter, If We Were Riding. She also co-host a podcast of the same name every Friday.

While she primarily writes about sports and fitness, Kelly started out working for the local newspaper and was an editor for AOL’s local news division, Patch. These days, she reports on endurance sports, gender issues, food, and health issues for national magazines and websites, and she fills in as an online producer for the Bay Area’s NPR station.

In addition to writing, Kelly’s done extensive commentary work on radio and TV. She teaches workshops and clinics (often about running or swimming), and once did a talk at an improv show. She also works extensively in online communications for media and corporate brands. And she know a lot about triathlon. Email Kelly to talk about writing, the internet, sports, or weird projects.